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Which Squat Rack Should You Buy?

October 21, 2022

Squat racks are not all created equally and we sell many options for you to look through when wanting to buy a quality squat rack system. Spotter arms, weight storage, height depth, pull-ups, dips, J-hooks, etc are all things you need to think about when looking at squat racks for sale.

This page will give you some pro tips to look for when shopping for a squat rack.


Arguably one of the least (or most) important aspects of a squat rack but important none the less. We carry racks in black, red, white, red and black combo, and more. If you have a color scheme you're looking to match or simply want a specific color to work with, take note of the colors that are available for our squat racks. This red and black 3010 squat rack from Troy Barbell is really eye-catching.

Size and Dimensions

It's important to know the size of  your space that is available for working out. Can you fit multiple racks, a full power cage, or a compact half rack? Make sure and know where the rack will sit and the clearance you have vertically and horizontally as these are important aspects to take into consideration when buying a squat rack for the home or commercial gym. Check out this compact sized rack by USA Proline with plenty of features. 

Features & Accessories

Squat Racks can be a very versatile piece of gym equipment and its important to know their limits. Besides simply doing squat exercises, what all do you want your squat rack to do for you? Do you need large room inside the rack to perform excercises? Then make sure and get a full power rack or cage style. Do you want to hold a ton of bumper plates? Then make sure and get one with a lot of storage pegs. This power squat rack has the most storage for bumper plates from Troy Barbell. 

If it's simply a basic half rack you're looking for, the don't overspend on all the features you won't need. Buy the rack that fits your needs exactly with room for versatility when needed.


Money factors in for most buyers when looking for squat racks. We carry different brands with different price points for different features. Make sure and look through our collection to see which rack fits your budget while still offering everything you need in a squat rack. Some of the features are going to be worth spending a bit extra and getting the perfect rack system for you while some may be worth holding off on for now.


No matter what kind of squat rack you're looking for, we will have an option for you among our selection. Browse through our collection and let us know if there is something specific you're looking for and we would be happy to work with you and answer any questions you may have. And as always, every one of our racks come with free US shipping. 


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